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Enterprise Direction


1. Mission Statement

ARI is dedicated to developing vehicle intelligent security systems, reducing the loss of life and property caused by car accidents while providing a better and safer driving experience for our customers.  

2. Vision Statement

Build a strong brand identity in the field of vehicle intelligent security systems and get ARI listed on stock market.

3. Company Values

Five core management values:

Be a company that is beneficial to clients, employees, suppliers, shareholders and the society.

Five core workplace values:

(1) Positive (2) Purpose (3) Professional (4) Passion (5) Polite



1. Product positioning:

ARI is dedicated to build the best stream media dash cams that embodies five major features: ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System), DMS (Driver Monitoring System), Face ID, Voice Control and 4G/5G connections with cloud storage.  Also, ARI strives to provide "the most powerful driver assistant" to ensure driving safety and provide personal assistance while driving.

 2. Market positioning:

Three typical application scenarios:

(1) Accident Investigation

(2) Drivers’ loss of attention

(3) Phone use and texting while driving; diverted attention

Three corresponding solutions:

(1) Dash Cam

(2) Driver attention alert

(3) Intelligent voice control