About Acumen

Stay humble, stay innovated

We strive to redefine the possibilities of a dashcam. Over the years Acumen has been dedicated to developing vehicle intelligent security systems, trying to reduce the loss of life and property caused by car accidents and providing a better and safer driving experience for our customers.


The revolution has begun. The new XR-10 dashcam from Acumen is available now, featuring 9.66’’ full touch screen, groundbreaking video quality, super wide viewing angle, and ADAS. The XR-10 is not only a car dash cam, but it is also your intelligent personal driving assistant. Acumen XR-10 ensures the safety of the driver and the passengers. Equipped with ADAS (Advanced Driving Assistance System), Acumen XR-10 monitors the road and warns you there is a danger. The 9.66’’ touch screen allows you to use it as a rearview mirror but with better clarity. Both front and rear camera records in 1080P resolution and alongside with the wide angle lens that covers three full lanes, the XR-10 digital rearview mirror is designed to provide you with a better, clearer and blind-spot-free driving experience.

The Acumen Philosophy

Driver centered smart design

High performance you can count on

Innovative technology for a better future